Learn more about Secomak Solutions environmental policy

Saving the planet and saving money do not have to be at odds

Sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are inseparable parts of Secomak’s philosophy. Our aim is to become the leading expert in efficient, sustainable and effective drying, heating and processing solutions – improving our customers’ bottom line through responsible innovation. 

Our fit for purpose approach to design and specification ensures that your energy consumption costs are reduced while your production results are maximised, further reducing costs by improving defect rates and processing speeds. The European Commission has recognised the importance of energy efficient drying in this article.

Our industry awards are testament to our commitment and to the quality of our results. Even more significant is our increasing customer base which recognises us as the world leader in energy efficient drying solutions.

"Secomak is a fantastic example of how innovation can be a huge benefit to not only the bottom line of a company but also the environment."

Lord Stafford