Secomak Awards

Secomak indusry awards - Lord Stafford, Starpack, KTP

Secomak strives to make a difference in both process improvement and sustainable design and while the customer is always our priority, it's still nice to be rewarded for our efforts by industry experts! Below are just a selection of the recent merits the company has been awarded.

Recent Awards

Secomak Innovation for Sustainability Award
Secomak Starpack Award Machinery of Excellence
Secomak Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award

Secomak have been recognised in the annual Lord Stafford Awards in the category of Innovation for Sustainability.

Secomak joined up with the University of Hertfordshire School of Aerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering to devise a better PowerStrip system for drying bottles, cans, jars, fruit and vegetables.

The Lord Stafford Awards were developed in 1997 to recognise and encourage the development of collaborative relationships between Businesses and Universities.

"Secomak is a fantastic example of how innovation can be a huge benefit to not only the bottom line of a company but also the environment and I congratulate them on their efforts."

Lord Stafford, patron of the awards and chair of the judges

The Secomak Tornado has been recognised in the Machinery of Excellence category at the Starpack Awards.

The Starpack Awards is the premier UK annual scheme recognising innovation in packaging design and technology. The judging of the award was based on technical development, sustainability, material interface and innovation in PLC technology.

The Secomak Tornado is a water removal system which sets industrial drying standards by revolutionsing the removal of water from food containers and packaging. This innovative product uses the Coanda aerodynamic effect to create powerful blasts of suction from specially profiled ringjet air amplifiers.

It has received accolades from users on high speed conveyor lines in the food and drinks industry with energy savings of at least 30% compared with conventional solutions and containment of the removed water for drainage or recycling. 

For more information about our award winning product, the Secomak Tornado, please click here.

The recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Secomak and the University of Hertfordshire has been officially classed as 'Outstanding' by the KTP grading panel.

The classification, which is only awarded to the top 2% of all KTPs, recognises the exceptional contribution of Secomak in developing industry leading technology solutions for the drying industry.

The partnership, which was partially funded by the Technology Strategy Board, was designed specifically to build on Secomak's commitment to sustainability and address the future demands of drying solutions in the food and beverage industries.

For more information see our case study here (pdf download).