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Secomak Ltd

Secomak designs, develops and delivers a full range of industrial processing and packaging solutions based on the ethos of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. Secomak is recognised in the food and beverage industry as an expert in air knife bottle drying systems, but also provides processing solutions for a variety of industrial applications


The Secomak philosophy begins with design. That is, designing a solution that fits the customer’s needs – nothing more, nothing less. In our 82 years of working on processing lines we’ve never seen two that are identical, and we know that an off-the-shelf machine doesn’t always provide the most efficient or effective solution.

That’s why all of our staff are trained technical experts with years of experience in specifying solutions for a whole range of processing and packaging issues. Our customers can rely on us to ask the right questions and to arrange site visits or energy surveys to accurately advise on the most effective solution. 

The cornerstone of our design approach is energy efficiency, not just because it saves the customer money, but because we believe in it. We believe that effectiveness and efficiency are intrinsically linked and that designing fit-for-purpose solutions is the first step to reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


Only when we understand the application can we begin to develop an effective solution. As well as testing facilities at our site in Elstree, we recently opened a dedicated drying centre at the University of Hertfordshire. This purpose-built facility has a fully functional production line with high speed cameras and measuring equipment, allowing us to simulate our customers’ lines to ensure we develop the most effective solution.

All of our solutions are manufactured in our UK factory and are registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The same staff involved in the technical discussion with the customer will drive the product development, ensuring that the customer is always kept informed and that the product stays exactly on specification. 


The final stage of our philosophy is to deliver. That is more than just ensuring our solutions arrive when the customer needs them. It is about providing a level of service throughout, from the moment the customer picks up the phone. It is providing commissioning and installation experts with the same level of technical expertise that our customers have come to expect from all of our staff. It is providing the after sales service and support which keeps our customers satisfied.

It is also about a global reach; wherever you are in the world our extensive agency network means that there is always an agent local to you.