Processing Solutions for Extrusion & Components

Drying, cleaning and cooling extrusions, components and building materials

There are a number of reasons why extruded components and building materials need to be dried, cooled or cleaned. It could be following external storage, after shot blasting, after the extrusion process itself, or to remove hazardous materials and contaminants. 

We have come across numerous applications where air knife solutions are perfectly suited to achieving the required results. Take a look at some of the case studies on the right hand side to see how we've helped our customers deal with a wide variety of processing issues.

You can see a snapshot of our featured solutions below. If you think you require an air knife system then call a member of our team on +44 (0)20 8732 1300 to discuss your line conditions and tolerances or to arrange for free testing at our dedicated drying centre.


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Easy Bespoke

  • Solution 1 - EasyDry

  • Solution 2 - Bespoke Air Knife Solution