Aerosol Can Drying

Drying Aerosol Cans

Preventing surface water issues 

Since 2010's change in legislation, aerosol cans must pass stringent stress tests to ensure the safety of the product. The pressurised cans are fully submersed into a hot water bath to increase the internal pressure to 1.5x the ambient in order to fully test the can strength. After submersion the cans exit the water bath with an average 5.98g of water retained within the recess valve, and can top and sides.

Remaining surface water creates two potential issues during final capping and packaging processes:

  1. Water retained under the cap causes corrosion of joints, staining of the metal and discolouration of the cap.
  2. Water on the exterior of the can causes loose shrink wrapping and weakens the structure of cardboard packaging.

Secomak provide a simple and effective drying solution which utilise air knife technology. The air knife is placed across the exit of the water bath to prevent water from transferring into down stream processes. This solution ensures that moisture is no longer and issue on your canning line.

Benefits of the Secomak drying solutions include:

  1. Effective water removal
  2. Small footprint
  3. High efficiency compared to compressed solutions
  4. Low noise
  5. Quick adjustments for varying dispenser sizes
  6. Prevention of downstream processing issues

If you think you require an aerosol can drying solution then call a member of our team on +44 (0)20 8732 1300 to discuss your line conditions and tolerances or to arrange for free testing at our dedicated drying centre

Water bath testing issues

Watch Secomak's Aerosol Can Drying video below to see if any of the listed application issues affect your processing line.

Click below to read more about Secomak supporting EU legislation on waterbath testing methods.

Secomak Aersol Can Drying Leaflet  Aerosol Can Drying leaflet 


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